The Protectors

Importance of Vaccination for pregnant women

Find out about Whooping Cough and how you can protect your baby from Day 1

People of all ages can get whooping cough. It may look like a common cold in the early stage, but it can cause serious complications especially for a newborn baby.

Man and a kid showing symptoms of influenza

Do you suffer from repeated bouts of Cold or Flu?

Symptoms such as cough, sniffles and fever could get the worse of you. What if there was a way of keeping Cold or Influenza at bay?

Baby getting its Rotavirus immunisation to be protected against Rotavirus disease

Why take a chance with the potentially fatal Rotavirus?

Unlike the common diarrhoea, Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhoea in infants and young children.

Family travelling after getting their travel vaccination

Have you thought about the risk of Hepatitis to you and your family?

Find out about viral hepatitis, liver inflammation caused by a virus, which can be spread from person to person.

List of immunizations to take for you and your family.

Find out which are the diseases to protect against

Tools and resources to help you understand which diseases you can protect yourself and your family against, based on your life stage and lifestyle.

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